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This natural window cleaner is perfect for cleaning windows.

Remove toxins from your home by using our natural cleaning products, don't fall for the nasty products with toxic ingredients. 

Packaged in a 250ml amber glass jar, with a spray top lid. 

Once you have purchased this glass jar with product, you can then keep the glass jar and purchase a refill option to continue using the product.

If you are new to using natural products, you will find a difference in the quality, when all of the nasties are removed from the products. These products are made to do an excellent job, while maintaining 100% natural ingredients. Removing the nasties also means you will not have as much of the bubbles you will find in cheaper alternatives with other nasties. Once you get used to natural products you will be able to tell the difference between good quality and not so great quality, you will never go back.

There is no compromise on quality. 

Spray onto windows, use paper towel to remove product and clean window. Mop floors as usual. 

This product is vegan, natural and cruelty free. Made in New Zealand. 

Ingredients: Aqua, Caprylic acid (and) origanum vulgare leaf extract, Acetic Acid, D-Limonene.